Mar 9, 2023

International Women’s Day 2023

“Today we recognize International Women’s Day. We do this to celebrate the exceptional role that women play at JNE and in our communities. We also acknowledge there is much more to do to promote equal opportunities for women globally on social, economic, and political fronts.”

– Adam Logue, CEO

We recognize and celebrate International Women’s Day 2023 by highlighting the women who add tremendous value to the JNE team every day:

Christina – Office Administrator

Angela – Accounting Technician

Beata – Payroll Administrator

Nicole – Manager of Human Resources

Shallyn – Business Development Representative

Lori – Document Control

Amanda – Detailer

Rebecca – Detailer

Mercedita – Welder

Lindsay – Welder

Jaycie – Welder

Lindsey – Welder

Joanie – Quality Control Inspector

Laurina – Quality Control Inspector

Shelley – Graphics Technician (Sage Roadway Signs)

Megan – Production Technician (Sage Roadway Signs)

We are extremely fortunate to have an employ of some of the most highly qualified and skilled women who cover a vast array of departments within JNE Welding.

“To be a JNE family member, you don’t need to belong to a group. We hire, coach, and mentor based one one’s abilities and skills to do the job. We do this every day of the year. I think today we need to do a check in to ensure we are part of the solution.”

– Shawn Wimpney, CFO

Happy International Women’s Day 2023!

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