Nov 26, 2021

In Memory of Dwight Bauck

It has been just over a year since the passing of our friend, Dwight Bauck. As Dwight worked with us over the years, he filled a role that reached far beyond that of your typical HR Advisor. Dwight was a mentor, an encourager, a confidant, a JNE family member.  He was passionate and worked hard every day to build relationships with everyone at JNE. If he wasn’t in his office, you could find him out on the shop floor admiring the people at work and spending time contributing to the culture of JNE.

Dwight’s early career in manufacturing set the scene for the impact he would later have in industry. Starting out in the manufacturing industry himself as a millwright and later in a shop setting similar to that of JNE’s, Dwight gained the hands-on experience that later would allow him to relate so closely to the people at JNE. Following an injury that no longer allowed Dwight to work within the physical realm of manufacturing, he returned to school to continue his career as a Human Resources professional.  Dwight’s experience in manufacturing combined with his ambition to bring in good people and help them become great made him an invaluable member of the JNE family.

The Dwight Bauck Memorial Scholarship Program

In 2021, the Dwight Bauck Memorial Scholarship Program was developed to recognize the passion that Dwight had toward the coaching and education of individuals for a career in manufacturing. The intent of the program is to assist a JNE Family member with financial support in furthering their education through a one-time payment of $2,000 to help cover the costs of their educational program of choice.

To be eligible to participate in the program, the applicant must be a dependent or partner of a current JNE employee and must be pursuing an educational program of at least one year in duration that is in support of a career in manufacturing.

2021 Scholarship Recipient

As 2021 was the first year of the program, JNE was thrilled to receive several fantastic applications.

Nicasio and his daughter Angela Granada

Angela Granada was named the recipient of the 2021 Dwight Bauck Memorial Scholarship! Angela is currently a fourth year Civil Engineering student at the University of Saskatchewan and is the daughter of Nicasio Granada, a great member of JNE’s Shipping & Receiving team.

Angela had the opportunity to work as an intern student with Burns & McDonnell during the summer of 2021 as they worked on the Great Plains Power Station project, for which JNE would provide the Field Erected Tanks.

“It’s amazing to see the direct relation between my future career and my Dad’s workplace industry.”

– Angela Granada

Angela’s application to the program displayed a strong understanding of the beneficial role the manufacturing industry plays within Saskatchewan’s economy and her personal experience within the industry sets her on a great path for a successful career in manufacturing.

Shawn Wimpney and Adam Logue presenting Angela with the 2021 Dwight Bauck Memorial Scholarship

Congratulations Angela! JNE looks forward to seeing your career progress as it contributes to the manufacturing industry, supporting a resilient economy and workforce in Saskatchewan.

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