Oct 26, 2022

The #CombinedStrength Podcast – Episode 6 ft. “The People Who Power Us”

Check out Episode 6 of The #CombinedStrength Podcast for a couple of project updates followed by a brand new segment on the show! “The People Who Power Us” is an awesome new addition where we highlight our people and their incredible stories that brought them to JNE. In this episode, we sit down with one of our Lead Hands, Saks Senyotkham, to learn more about his story and some of his successes and wins along the way. Follow the links below for the full episode:

Google Podcasts – The #CombinedStrength Podcast (google.com)

Apple Podcasts – https://podcasts.apple.com/ca/podcast/combined-strength/id1618315829

Podbean – Combined Strength | a podcast by JNE Business Development (podbean.com)

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