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Mission & Philosophy

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At JNE we strive to be one of the most diverse custom steel fabricators in Western Canada. We strive to be an employer of choice – creating meaningful opportunities for Saskatchewan workers

We strive to be a partner of choice creating win-win relationships with our suppliers and stakeholders. We strive to be competitive, fully understanding current market conditions, quality requirements, and skill and capacity requirements of our client. Our success is evidenced in that we have become a fabricator of choice for many of our clients. It is also evidenced by our quality fabrications that are recognized by industrial and commercial /institutional industry sectors across Western Canada.

Our People

Our employees receive training not only on the job; they also receive financial support to participate in training related to their jobs through evening, online and extension programs. JNE has invested in excess of a quarter million dollars each year since 2007 to ensure our staff progress and excel in their chosen fields.

Our employees also participated in developing JNE’s Code of Conduct, which we proudly display in all of our facilities. Each one of our employee’s performance and participation is measured against this Code in order to ensure these values are entrenched throughout the organization. The cornerstones of our Code of Conduct are: Safety, Continuous Improvement, Innovation, Commitment, and Quality. At JNE we recognize that wellness goes far beyond the physical aspects traditionally related to “health”. JNE is committed to our employees and families’ physical as well as emotional well being. We have created a culture of “caring” through our Employee Assistance Program, available to employees and their families, our corporate RRSP program, our “Community Involvement” recognition program, and our superior work place environment and facilities.JNE is a company 35 years in the making and looking forward to the next 35 years helping to change the face of Saskatchewan and Western Canada.

Our Partners

In 1980 JNE began business with the philosophy of “partnering with our customers to build project integrity and mutual success”. In 2007 when we were revisiting our corporate brand we recognized our success in partnerships went well beyond those established with our valued customers.


Combined Strength is JNE’s brand. “Our Partners” has been, and continues to be one of the fundamental building blocks of JNE Welding’s brand and certainly fundamental to our success over the past 35 years. We approach all of our partnerships with an attitude founded on the principles of a win-win relationship.
Our valued partners include our customers, suppliers, our financial institutions and all of the service providers with whom we do business. These partnerships also reach out to encompass relationships we have forged in our Saskatchewan community with educators, business groups and business and community leaders and organizations.


JNE is committed to the people and communities of Saskatchewan. We believe it is the responsibility of business and each of us as individuals to support our families and create a community of caring. We are raising our children here; we want them to stay.

In 2007 JNE’s employees formed a committee that, each year, has established annual projects in which employees can participate and proudly give back to our community. Our staff have contributed in excess of $20,000 and many volunteer hours in the last 3 years to support projects such as “Brent & Penny’s Adopt a Family”, “Secret Santa”, “Philippine Flood Relief”, MS Super City Walk, Saskatchewan Huntington’s Walk for a Cure and the Saskatoon Food Bank.
JNE proudly matches our employee’s gifts and support their efforts to build a strong Saskatchewan community. In addition, each year an employee is chosen as the recipient of JNE’s Community Involvement award based on their volunteer efforts. The recipient receives a plaque and a corporate donation made payable to their chosen charity or cause. We are proud that our people and our company are making a difference the lives of Saskatchewan residents.


JNE Welding is a Saskatoon based company founded in 1980 by Jim Nowakowski. JNE began as a small service company with just a few employees working alongside journeyman welder Jim Nowakowski. JNE now provides engineer-to-order, custom steel fabrications to the mining, petroleum, gas, heavy oil, energy and environmental sectors of Western Canada.

At JNE we pride ourselves in standing apart from the rest of the custom steel fabricators. We have developed and implemented systems far beyond most firms in Western Canada and certainly beyond those in Saskatchewan. As a result of a total investment nearing 10 million dollars in 2006/2007 JNE has grown from a Company of 81 employees in 2005 to a team of 150 full-time personnel in 2009. We celebrate the rich diversity of our team comprised of Canadians including Canada’s First Nations and immigrants from around the world including Ukraine, Philippines and South Africa to mention only a few. These talented individuals, along with the considerable capital investment, and a substantial investment in training have helped JNE increase revenue a combined 62% 2008 over 2005 to annual sales exceeding $30 million.
Several key factors were and are involved in JNE’s short and long-term growth and employment strategies. A considerable emphasis in our hiring strategy is placed on attitude versus pure aptitude. We continue to build a strong team that has depth in both personal leadership skills as well as industry related training and experience. Over the past 5 years we have recognized the role that both trades and leadership training play in sustainable, well managed and well planned growth. As such, we are participating in development of trades in the Province’s minority groups, we continue to participate in the discussion phases for expansion of Provincial programs and facilities to provide skill development training, and JNE was a pilot project location for Read Saskatoon for training and integration of immigrants. JNE invests annually in a wide range of training for our people. In 2008/2009 our training investment exceeded a quarter million dollars. JNE is proud to be one of many strong, successful Saskatchewan companies; however, we are prouder still of our contribution in shaping strong citizens who on a daily basis play a role in making this Province and its people a jewel in the Canadian landscape.

JNE Welding

Headquartered in Saskatoon, we proudly serve the mining, environmental, construction, oil sand and power-generating sectors of Canada and the U.S.A.

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